Linden Postcard Show 2013 Entry Form

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Entry Fee
One entry$44.00
Two entries$55.00
Three entries$66.00


Sale Price
As the sale price of your artwork is regarded as a consignment by the Australian Taxation Office, Linden does not include GST in the sale price. Payment for the sale will be the amount of the sale price less Linden's commission of 25% plus GST on that commission. Therefore if the sale price is $100, you will receive $72.50 (after Linden commission of $25 plus GST $2.50).

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Conditions of Entry

Please retain this important information for your reference.

  1. The Postcard Show is open to all;
  2. Entry forms must be completed and returned by 5pm Monday 19 November 2012. Late entries will not be accepted. Correct money only will be accepted - no change will be given;
  3. Entry fees are not refundable;
  4. You will receive a letter confirming receipt of your Entry Form no later than Monday 10th December 2012. This letter confirms your participation in the Linden Postcard Show 2013;
  5. Work must have been executed by the entrant after 1 February 2012;
  6. Works must arrive at Linden between 10am-5pm Sunday 13 or Monday 14th January 2013. Work will not be accepted after this date;
  7. All works must be for sale. A commission of 25% (+ 10% GST on commission) will be taken on all works sold;
  8. All two-dimensional works entered must not exceed 30cm high x 30cm wide (this includes the frame). All three dimensional work must not exceed 30cm high x 30cm wide x 30cm deep (this includes the stand);
  9. Title of work must not exceed 5 words;
  10. Linden will take no responsibility for changes made to entries;
  11. Every individual piece of artwork is deemed to be one entry and will not necessarily be hung next to other entries by the same artist;
  12. All work must be fitted with a secure device for hanging/installation. Velcro or double-sided tape is NOT acceptable. Linden will not be responsible for any damage to work that does not have suitable provision for hanging;
  13. Work must be dry before delivering to Linden. Linden will not accept responsibility for damage caused to work that is not completely dry;
  14. Artists are responsible for any potential health and safety issues related to the work and must advise the Program Director of any potential issues or risks related to the public exhibition of the work;
  15. Artists must take responsibility for the transport of their work;
  16. Artists who wish to document their work must do so before delivering it to Linden. Photographing work is strictly prohibited during the exhibition;
  17. Linden reserves the right to reproduce the work/s or parts thereof for the purpose of publicity, critical review and archival reference.
  18. Artists must take responsibility for the insurance of their work for the duration of the exhibition;
  19. Artists who mail or freight their work to Linden must supply return packaging and labels and arrange return transportation;
  20. Works should arrive at Linden clearly labelled verso with artist's name, phone number and title of work;
  21. Works that are hand delivered must arrive without packaging and be signed in upon delivery;
  22. The decisions made by the Judges and Linden in regard to installing and awarding prizes are final and no correspondence will be entered into;
  23. Each entry will be exhibited unless deemed offensive, too fragile; potentially dangerous or without an appropriate hanging/installation device;
  24. Work cannot be removed before the end of the exhibition, Saturday 17 March 2013;
  25. Works must be collected between 10am - 5pm Sunday 24 and Monday 25 March between 10am - 5pm;
  26. Artists whose work is not collected on the above date will incur a $100 late fee. After four weeks Linden will dispose of any uncollected works.