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IMAGE > (L-R) Linden New Art CEO + Director Melinda Martin, Yuriyal Eric Bridgeman, PHOTO 2022 Artistic Director Elias Redstone, Linden New Art Curator Juliette Hanson, Ilan El, Jarrad Martyn, Cyrus Tang, at Linden's exhibiiton opening, 2022. Photograph: Laura May Grogan.

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The team at Linden and I are working hard to ensure great art is alive and well, but we can’t do it alone. Mid-career artists need help now more than ever and together we can deliver that. With your support we can nurture the next generation of artists who are ready to blossom and take their place on the Australian cultural stage.

With support from Creative Partnerships Australia we can match every dollar we raise up to $50,000 and your support will allow Linden to make a significant difference to the careers of Australian artists. We would love to have you join us in making the difference to the lives of contempoary artists.

Please give what you can to make great art happen and to ensure that people can experience it.  Any donation over $2 are tax deductible.

My colleagues and I will make every gift work to double your impact to the arts.

Melinda Martin



Great art needs time and space to be created. Ideas take time to evolve and fabulous new works often rise out of approaches that are discarded before the gem is found. Linden recognizes this and has worked with a cohort of leading mid-career artists to create a new art prize that meets the needs and aspirations of this significant career stage in leading artists’ careers. We have developed a unique prize model, based on detailed conversations we have had with the artists asking what they need to flourish at this crucial time in their career. This will ensure mid-career artists have the best chance to establish themselves and their work.

In 2022 we are launching a new major prize for leading mid career artists to provide:
> $20,000 cash prize to reward the winning artist
> Mentoring and support for the cohort of prize finalists for 18 months > A major exhibition of new work by the winning artist 18 months following with an additional $5,000 to support the work.

The first Juncture Art Prize exhibition will be held in 2023, with the winner having a solo exhibition of new work in 2025.

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IMAGE > Guests at an exhibition opening at Linden New Art, 2022.
Photograph: Shelley Xue

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