Craft Activities

Experiment and create an unknown artwork inspired by your local area.
Pause, stop, draw, and reflect with this engaging craft activity for adults. Step out into your neighbourhood and draw what you see. This activity encourages engagement with your local area, drawing on the themes of time, memory, and personal experience present in Cyrus Tang’s current exhibition Time Fell Asleep in the Evening Rain.

Which book made the greatest impression on you, and how did it transport you to another time or place? Design and create your own book cover with a twist.

Send us your book covers to receive 2 x limited edition Anna Hoyle wrapping papers. Now which book will you choose?!

This activity is inspired by Atchison's Figure in the Round (Mobile), a stunning example of a “free-wheeling mobile form to depict the subject as a shifting constellation.” In order to find a perfect balance between differently shaped objects, each a different material and weight, one must shift each component and re-evaluate it’s position. Just like life, we must constantly shift and adapt to restore balance.

Time-lapse is a cinematography technique that can show the change of something over period of time whether minutes or hours long in a matter of seconds. It has been used to show the change of sunsets, seeds germinating, the rotation of the earth through the nights sky and the progress of an artwork.

This activity guides you through the process of making an Ocean Plait Mat, a versatile and functional knot for the home. It can be useful as a coaster, table mat, door mat or heat pad. For a range of other useful knots, we recommend visiting Animated Knots for simple how-to’s.

We know that seeing your favourite people via a screen is not ideal, but here are some ways to make it a bit more fun. Take turns to play party host, source the contents of your party packs, and send them to your guests. You might even want to prepare a prize for the grand winner to send physically or digitally after the party. 

Bashō the master, Who first created haiku, During Edo’s time.

Materials: A pen for writing. Paper to lay down your thoughts. A loved work of art.

Instructions: With pen and paper, At the end of this winter, Consider an artwork.

Through this activity you will discover the satisfaction that comes from creating designs using two simple tools—a compass and a ruler. 

Transform your indoor or outdoor space with some new plant pots. Creating these terrazzo-style planters from polymer clay will add some colour to your space as well as giving you that sense of satisfaction that comes from a DIY challenge. It is a process with many steps, but we all know that transformation doesn’t always happen overnight!

This method of dyeing is free of harmful chemicals and showcases the beauty of nature. The process relies on trust and patience.

Ever heard of meditative stitching? Well we hadn’t either, until we hand-picked our way through contemporary Australian artists to find the best and most crafty ways to stay zen.

UK's Firstsite Gallery has created a great activity pack to download. Anyone can have a go – there are no specialist materials required, ‘Art is where the home is’ can be downloaded for free.

Start weaving your own baskets using this kick-starter pack with the Tjanpi Desert Weavers + online video tutorial featuring Loria Heffernan!

Purl Soho's Pom Pom Kit turns that frown upside down! It dispels the mystery of making dense, fluffy, little spheres of joy...

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or you’re dabbling in craftivism for the first time, this craftivism manifesto/methodology handbook is designed to help you think deeply about your practice and your potential to make change through making.

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