Food Obsession

Carolyn Menzies is one of Linden’s Resident Studio Artists, currently exhibiting in the Linden Project Space. Carolyn shares one of her favourite recipes - that ties in with Carolyn’s fascination to everyday objects and draws on ideas of this recipes origin connecting the past to the present. 

We invite you to tighten your apron strings and boldly put nature at the heart of your kitchen decisions by trying sustainable future food today!

We invite you to clear your next Sunday schedule and to dedicate a day to some slow food Italian cooking inspired by the heritage of Carlo Petrini.

If lockdown is making you want to hit the source like a YBA in the 90s … here are some cocktail ideas to get you started. (Please drink responsibly)

This week, the team challenged our Director, Melinda, to make a meal that looks like an artwork. A stickler for simplicity, it is not entirely surprising that Melinda’s recipe has just one ingredient.

For the ultimate in small-scale cooking, check out The Tiny Kitchen. We particularly like the tiny peach pie episode

Inspired by artist Kirra Jamison. When thinking about repetition, routine and rhythm, there is only one recipe that springs to mind - pasta dough made from scratch. All it takes is a bit of flour, water, egg and a bit of time to knead, roll & shape and knead, roll & shape. 

This week we have looked to the master of magical cuisine, Heston Blumenthal, for our cooking inspiration. Well-known for creating illusory recipes such as ice cream pork pie or meat fruit, we have found a recipe that is achievable without a science-lab kitchen, yet still has that beautifully surprising element of not being all that it appears. 

This recipe comes from artist Anikcka Yi, who told Mina “It is super tangy from the lemon juice, floral from the zest, and fresh from the addition of peas and herbs. It is filling yet light, and a platform for endless variations.”

Embracing this week’s theme of transformation, Jasmin, our Events Coordinator, took to the kitchen with her seasonal farm produce to create Cézanne’s delectable Brousse cheese. Jasmin made this dish from her home-grown oranges, lemons, honey and goat’s milk. 

This week we have gone for a recipe that would allow you some meditation time whilst baking, as well as the therapeutic pleasure of kneading dough. This is a recipe that was enjoyed by Monet and Millet, presumably because it left them plenty of time for painting as they waited for their rolls to rise.

This week Juliette, our Curator, has been in the kitchen again and this time she has made a recipe that was a favourite of Claude Monet. This recipe is a great one to try right now because chestnuts are in season. When roasting chestnuts, it is imperative to score them first, otherwise, as Juliette found out, they explode loudly with great force, coating the inside of your oven with millions of tiny chestnut fragments.

South Melbourne Market is an excellent option to stock up on seasonal fruit and veg, and it is now even easier to be healthy as you can drop into their drive-through.

Our curator Juliette Hanson has created this beautiful activity called 'Blueberry Poles', tribute to Jackson Pollock's artwork 'Blue Poles', that you can do with your children.

MONA cookbook details ways to eat invasive species. In the age of MasterChef and Instagram posts, food has increasingly become an artform. But a new cookbook takes it to surreal and extreme new lengths, with dishes like whole-roasted camel stuffed with a large goat, and possum served with salt-baked vegetables.

"When I touch my knife, my mind gives up to the heart and it transmits directly, to the hands, giving different forms to the decorations. It’s like magic"

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