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The theme for this year’s exhibition is home. Please help us to tell a great story about your experience of being at home and what might have influenced your practice or altered your experience of design.

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Upload up to 3 images of yourself with the work you made for Design Fringe (if possible) on your doorstep. Please upload a high-resolution, portrait-orientated picture. When uploading image, please title the image files in the following format:
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Please upload the best image you have of the work you have entered into Design Fringe. This image will be used by the judges to select this year's award winners as well as for communication and marketing purposes (e.g. Linden website & posters). Please title the image file in the following format: 
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online content questions

1. How has spending so much time at home (in lockdown) changed your ideas about design?

2. Has spending so much time at home altered your practice? If yes, how?

3. Have you discovered a design gem in your local neighbourhood? If so what is it and why do you love it?

4. In terms of design, what is your favourite room at home and why?
Please upload a photo of your favourite room.

5. Do you have a favourite design object in your house? What makes it so special?
Please upload a photo of this object.

6. Audiences enjoy seeing how work is made and studio spaces. Please upload a photograph of yourself making works in the studio and some examples of previous works. You can upload up to 5 high-resolution photos, portrait or landscape. Please save each image as: Firstname_Lastname_Title_of_imageMax size 10Mb per picture

7. We have all been spending a lot of time making meals at home. Please share your favourite recipe or perhaps the ingredients for the perfect drink. 🍜

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