Kids Activities

Learn to create the perfect balancing act.

By making a simple and fun balancing scale sculpture. Uniquely designed from resourceful materials found around your home. Experiment with weighing scales created with various shapes, sizes and colours, to find that ideal equilibrium.

Create a colourful Hourglass to measure moments of time. Will it pass quickly or very slowly?    

Fun and a little bit of a challenge, create a Roman Arch or Keystone bridge. Throughout time the ingenuity of the keystone concept demonstrates structural strength and dates back as far as the Romans!

Bring a little unexpected colourful surprise into someone else’s day by creating a rainbow pop-up card to send in the mail. Of course, you can replace the rainbow with a pop-up image of your choice.

With your finger, draw a letter, number or shape on your child’s back. They have to guess what you have drawn.

Fimo is a polymer clay, or modelling clay, that hardens when baked in the oven. It is perfect for making a family friendly feast.

All you need for this activity are some small pebbles and some paint. This idea comes from artist and designer Bec Orpin, whose works was featured in Innovators 2, in 2013 at Linden, curated by Tai Snaith. This, and many more lovely activities appear in Orpin’s DIY craft book Sunshine Spaces.

An oldy but a goody – use your bedside lamp and your imagination to bring these little shape shifting shadows to life.

Tessellations are the covering of a surface using one or more geometric shapes, called tiles, with no overlaps and no gaps. They are an interesting way in which to create beautiful patterns and have fun learning about shapes.

Art Coloring Book is an experiment by Google. Colour your way through the palettes of famous paintings.

This activity encourages consideration of how animals might view the world. Which animal will you be today? An eagle? A hammerhead shark? A chameleon? Think about all of the different features of your chosen animal’s habitat… you never know what you might spot on your adventures!

Make your own upcycled tea light lanterns inspired by Winter Solstice night sky – the longest night of the year – which occurred on the 21st of June 2020.

Inspired by our 2019 exhibition Brodie Ellis, Heavy Launch, this exhibition explored the idea of space travel and the resources and energy needed to launch a rocket. This activity allows kids, and enthusiastic adults, to make a rocket of their own and to learn more about propulsion, rocket design, and the transformation of energy.

Artist Jonathan Kim’s work considers the importance between objects and the environment they inhabit, while asking the viewer to contemplate their own relationship with the material world. As winter begins to arrive and we all start rugging up inside, we invite you to take the time to consider the materials and space in which you inhabit.

Linden New Art has joined East Gippsland Art Gallery to connect our stay-at-home communities through the art of letters.
Kids are invited to become a pen pal by sending a meaningful message to someone who has to stay home just like you.

The NGV has put together a list of family activities for new ways to be creative at home with their online resources.

Anyone with kids, knows that they can freely share their germs… we thought this science experiment that explains how germs can be repelled by soap and water is a good one to share with kids.

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