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Crafternoon for Kids > Rugby Jerseys

Crafternoon for Kids > Rugby Jerseys

Create a special rugby jersey inspired by your family and friends. This fun activity for kids draws on the themes of family and connection present in Yuriyal Eric Bridgeman’s current exhibition Yal.

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Crafternoon for Adults > Drawing tour

Crafternoon for Adults > Drawing tour

Experiment and create an unknown artwork inspired by your local area.
Pause, stop, draw, and reflect with this engaging craft activity for adults. Step out into your neighbourhood and draw what you see. This activity encourages engagement with your local area, drawing on the themes of time, memory, and personal experience present in Cyrus Tang’s current exhibition Time Fell Asleep in the Evening Rain.

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Meet The Artist > Lucille Martin

Meet The Artist > Lucille Martin

Saturday 28 May 2022, 11AM > 12PM, FREE, at Linden Projects Space. 

Join artist Lucille Martin for an insightful talk to learn more about her experience of documenting the "good fire" practice and the making of exhibition RIGHT FIRE.

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Opening of Kate Beynon, Honor Freeman, Louisa Bufardeci & Morganna Magee

Opening of Kate Beynon, Honor Freeman, Louisa Bufardeci & Morganna Magee

Join us for the opening of our next exhibitions!

KATE BEYNON > The Shapeshifter's Hour
MORGANNA MAGEE > Distant Shores 

Friday 10 June 2022, from 6pm 
until 4 September 2022

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Artist Speakeasy > What's Going on with Curation?

Artist Speakeasy > What's Going on with Curation?

Wednesday 1 June 2022, 6PM - 7PM FREE at Linden New Art

Join Sebastian Henry-Jones, Curator of West Space, and Francis E. Parker, Exhibitions Curator of MUMA, for an insightful discussion about their approaches, tricks and challenges towards curating.

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Our Past Events


Saturday 23 April 2022, 11:30 AM-12:30 PM, FREE, at Linden Projects Space.
Meet artist Lucille Martin and special guest Adrian Webster to learn more about the exhibition RIGHT FIRE.


Explore colour and light with this activity for kids inspired by Ilan El’s Colours of Light exhibition.

Play with colour, experiment with light and be creative. Can you make your very own colourful creation? This fun activity will teach us how to make a stained-glass window from paper and cellophane, adding beautiful colour to your room. 

Meet the Artist > Ilan El

Wednesday 11 May 2022, 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM, FREE, at Linden New Art. Join artist and designer Ilan El in conversation with Linden New Art curator Juliette Hanson to find out more about El’s multidisciplinary practice. El’s exhibition Colours of Light explores the way that colour effects our emotions and how illumination can change how we feel in a space. El will share his passion for lighting design and what has inspired his new series of luminist artworks. 

Meet the Artist > Yuriyal Eric Bridgeman

Sunday 1 May, 2PM-3PM, FREE and Live on Facebook and YouTube.
Join Linden New Art curator Juliette Hanson for an exciting conversation with multidisciplinary artist Yuriyal Eric Bridgeman about his presentation of selected photographic work created between his home in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea and Australia.

Meet the Artist > Cyrus Tang

Saturday 21 May 2022, 2PM - 3PM, FREE, at Linden New Art. Join Linden New Art in an intimate conversation with Cyrus Tang about her exhibition Time Fell Asleep in the Evening Rain.  Book now for this exclusive insight into Cyrus Tang's photographic practice.

St Kilda Festival > Monica Karo & Nina Rose

Sunday 13 February 2021, 2PM to 3PM, FREE Linden New Art front garden 

Enjoy the sounds of the St Kilda Festival with Monica Karo and Nina Rose in the front garden at Linden New Art. Bring a picnic blanket and find yourself a spot in the garden to listen to these very special performers. We know you won't be disappointed!

Artist Speakeasy > Public Art Projects

Thursday 10 February 2022, 6PM - 7PM FREE and live on Facebook and YouTube

Join Linden Director Melinda Martin for an insightful conversation with Melbourne-based artists Ash Keating and Emma Coulter on everything public art projects. 

Crafternoon for Adults > Curious Covers

Which book made the greatest impression on you, and how did it transport you to another time or place? Design and create your own book cover with a twist.

Send us your book covers to receive 2 x limited edition Anna Hoyle wrapping papers. Now which book will you choose?!

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