IMAGE > Left to right, Zunyi Zhang, Yuanzi (Changyuanzi) Huang and Chloé Hazelwood during the Dystopian Future opening, 2019. Photograph: Theresa Harrison Photography.

to our amazing

Linden Volunteers

Linden’s volunteers play an important role in supporting the gallery by:

  • Sitting the Linden Projects Space exhibitions
  • Undertaking research to support the team
  • Assisting with promotion and mail outs
  • Assisting with exhibition openings and events

Thank you to our current volunteers: 

Anna Garcia, Bridie Duncan, Eliza Burton, Phoebe McKenzie, Emma Goldstone, Katie Gray, Zunyi Zhang, Yilin Zhao, James Norman, Anne Cerezo, Yuanzi (Changyuanzi) Huang, Janice Zou, Nicole Schwartz, Daashayani Govindasamy Pillai, Anqi Lin, Jose Martinez, Elsa Thorp, Lina (Na) Li, Snow (Xue) Xia, Gina Dickson, James Grant, Zihan Wang, Jacquelin Tsui, Angela (Yimeng) Deng, Hilary Kwan, Ada Coxall, Trista (Zhiting) Liu, Lulu Dong, Felisa (Yi Ju) Lai and Chen Shi.

Arts Industry Placement Program

Linden is working with students from the University of Melbourne’s Master of Arts Administration and Arts Curatorship courses to provide them with hands on gallery experience and a series of professional development opportunities. Participation in the program is by application only.

Students participate in the program for six-month blocks.

This program is supported by the University of Melbourne and the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust.

Thank you to our current participants:

Aislinn Faulkner, Ada Coxall, Angela (Yimeng) Deng, Anqi Lin, Clare Niere, Coral Guan, Felisa (Yi Ju) Lai, Jacquelin Tsui, Kirill Semenov, Rumi (Ruimeng) Xue, Sebastian Kainey, Snow (Xue) Xia, Shelley (Mingyuan) Xue, Sujin Jung, Tori Cutajar, Viola (Yueheng) Lyu, Yang (Congyang) Kou, Yilin Zhao, Yingchun Zhu, Yiyi Wu, Felisa (Yi Ju) Lai and Ziqi Peng.

a new generation
of Arts leaders

IMAGE > Arts Industry Placement program students, October 2019. Photograph: Mathieu Vendeville. 

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