Roman Arch
Keystone Bridge

The Roman arch or keystone bridge is an architectural symbol of great strength. The Romans built many of these bridges across Europe and many have stood the test of time still existing today. The oldest example is Ponte dei Quattro Capi which still exists in its original state in Rome. It spans the Tiber near the Tempio Maggiore di Roma.

The keystone is a wedge shape stone. It’s the last stone to be placed in the centre of the arch and is the most important stone within the structure. Each stone leans on each other and is locked into place with the centre keystone piece. Without this final piece in position, the arch would collapse. 

With a little persistence and concentration, this activity is a good lesson in working together and being supportive.


  • Play-doh, Clay, Fimo or polymer Clays
  • Toilet roll, cling wrap or Alfoil roll
  • Card stock or other heavy-weight paper 
  • White A4 paper
  • Sticky tape
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Glue tack
  • Rolling Pin
  • Cutting tool for Play-doh, Clay, Fimo or polymer Clays – Can use a butter knife

    autumn flora sculptures

    Monet, The Galette

    Step 1

    Cut a piece of Roll to the desired size to the height you want for your arch or bridge

    Use A4 paper to wrap the roll. Use sticky tape to hold it in place.

    Step 2

    Trace around the top of the roll on the cardboard or hard paper. This will be the top part of the arch/ bridge that the keystones will rest on

    Cut this out and attach to the top with glue tack

    Monet, The Galette

    Monet, The Galette

    Step 3

    To create the Keystone Arch use either Play-doh, Clay, Fimo or polymer Clays

    Roll out your desired material into a flat rectangular shape  

    Step 4

    Draw/ outline an arch on your chosen material using your pillars as a guide

    Monet, The Galette

    Monet, The Galette

    Step 5

    Cut these out using your cutting tool (this can be a kitchen butter knife).

    Step 6

    Join these together, they should naturally join. Place them gently onto the top of your pillars.

    Monet, The Galette

    IMAGES by Hana Vasak.

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