Tranquil Landscape Diorama

Inspired by Natasha Bieniek’s picturesque scenes of nature. Create your own miniature dream garden diorama. Using Natasha’s meticulous approach to painting and a vibrant colour palette to paint to create your ideal lush green space. Capture all the details in the foliage, think about adding layers and how you may like to decorate your diorama using painted parts and collecting natural elements from your own garden or along your daily walk.

Materials needed:

  • Cardboard box
  • Paper
  • Acrylic Paint or watercolours
  • Scissors
  • PVA Glue
  • Sticky Tape
  • Paint Brush
  • Crepe paper
  • Plastic container for pond (optional)
  • Foliage from garden or nature (Twigs, branch, stones, grass, leaves, stones, flowers)

autumn flora sculptures

Monet, The Galette

Step 1 

  • Cut up cardboard box to ideal Diorama size, or use a whole small cardboard box.  
  • To create your hill or layers to your landscape cut out separate shapes with the cardboard, add these into your scene to create depth in your diorama.
  • Paint your cardboard box and all layered pieces one colour of green, or add other colours if you desire.

Step 2

  • Cut out you plastic container if you wish to have a pond, river or lake in your diorama.
  • To create texture you can use Crepe Paper to sit under your plastic container. If you don’t have crepe paper you can paint the base or using paper paint a piece to sit underneath so it when you put water in it, it will appear to have more of an under water feel.

Monet, The GaletteMonet, The Galette

Monet, The Galette

Step 3

  • To create depth and detail and learn to paint meticulously like Natasha paint small leaves, plants and foliage using acrylic paint or watercolours, use light and dark tones to create contrast.
  • Once dry, cut these out and stick on your diorama walls, layered sections, and if you have collected any twigs, branches you can stick these on there too.

Step 4

  • Begin to assemble your diorama together, place all your layered parts into place and slowly start gluing each one on.
  • Attach any branches (can use sticky tape) , add your pond any stones, or additional natural foliage you wish to use.

Monet, The Galette

Monet, The Galette

Monet, The Galette

Monet, The Galette

Step 6 > Share it with us!

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Activity and photographs by Hana Vasak.