Kids Activities

This year’s Design Fringe focuses on the theme of “home”. The home can be an endless source of inspiration for design. Create an organic origami lamp shade for your house. Learn the art of folding paper using simple origami techniques. Follow this step by step activity to make your own origami lamp shade.

If you could live anywhere, where would that be? What does your perfect home look like? Is your perfect home by the sea or in the mountains? Everything is possible in this activity! Linden New Art have produced this activity inspired by the Design Fringe theme of ‘home’.

What do you do with a lagerphone? Well … you play it!
A lagerphone, or a music stick, is an old percussion instrument, like a tambourine, that was played in bush bands in the countryside. It is a wooden stick with bottle caps nailed onto it and makes a great sound when you tap to the music. We are going to make our very own music stick.

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