Alex Seton

Last Resort

6 January 2015 > 22 February 2015

IMAGE > Alex Seton, Last Resort, installation view Photograph: David Marks.

Be bold

Alex Seton's solo exhibition Last Resort, explores Australia’s response to migration. A series of solitary marble life jackets, a marble replica of an inflatable life raft and a single oar disperse across the gallery floor. These monumental works examine our national character and asks the viewer to consider "what prevents us from readily extending good faith and protection to those who seek asylum?". They are accompanied by a new soundscape installation that capture the sounds of the sea in a storm.

By infusing the rich heritage of classical statuary with resolutely contemporary concerns, Seton gives weight to the issues we face in the here and now, asking us to engage more than fleetingly.

It is significant for Linden to present this exhibition because the themes explored in this work have a strong synergy with Linden's history - a home built by a Jewish émigré seeking to grow a business, raise a family and build a better life in Australia; and later as a private hotel that provided accommodation for those travelling from worn torn post WWII Europe and to those migrating to Australia. The grand Victorian mansion that now houses Linden is testimony to the fortunes and opportunities provided to previous migrants to Australia.

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Linden presents this solo exhibition in collaboration with McClelland Sculpture Park+Gallery.