17 September 2011 > 25 September 2011

IMAGE > Sarah Pirrie, Current (2011), installation of fan, paper, recycled wire and hooks, found weights from St Kilda Photograph > Dean McCartney

Be bold

Cuttings is an performative installation exploring divergent approaches to sculpture and sound by five artists. Natasha Anderson creates a claustrophobic, entangled latex sculpture and soundscape that contains constant repetition, whilst remaining somewhat elusive. Another soundscape, Locating: Music for the Banal, by Vanessa Tomlinson made from found objects was performed by the artist. Dale Gorfinkel created automated kinetic sound sculptures using motors, polystyrene and re-appropriated technology. Works also included rosewood resonant percussive sculptures by Rosemary Joy and an installation and event using hand-made paper forms and wind by Sarah Pirrie. This exhibition was curated by Rosemary Joy and included a series of performances over the two weekends in which the exhibition was open.

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