Innovators 3

12 September 2014 > 12 October 2014

IMAGE > Drasko Boljevic, Possible Worlds. Photograph > David Marks

Be bold

Linden's Innovators series of exhibitions presents new and innovative contemporary art. The artists of Innovators 3 use video, installation, drawing and sculpture to investigate notions of identity and our place in the world. Drasko Boljevic’s Possible Worlds, features four wooden buildings that recreate the architecture of Boljevic's childhood in socialist Zagreb and his new home in Melbourne. The installation also features anamorphic projections that create optical illusions for the viewer to explore.

Lucas Davidson’s installation is made up of photographic images of his own body, skin and blood. These videos document the photographic emulsion separating from the backing paper of the photograph as it circulates, drips and floats in water. The combination of stillness and motion distorts the images reminding viewers of their own life and mortality, placing emphasis on change as the only constant in our lives. Janice Gobey’s interactive sculpture, Refuge, allows visitors to climb inside the full body fur coat sitting within a fur-lined room to feel safety as mimicked by the total envelopment of fur. Roberta Joy Rich’s - EK IS LIG, EK IS DONKER (I AM LIGHT, I AM DARK) examines entrenched historical and contemporary perceptions of identity through her video, installation and performance works. Drawing on experiences of 'racial' interrogation, these works respond directly to instances of cross-examination encountered by the artist. Finally, Laura Skerlj’s work deconstructs images the natural landscape through an expanded painting practice to recreate an abstracted version of the environment.

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