New Frontiers

17 July 2015 > 6 September 2015

IMAGE > Tommy May, Installation view, Image courtesy of the artist & Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency. Photograph > David Marks Photographer

Be bold

New Frontiers will present a selection of contemporary art that is being created in some of Australia’s most remote Indigenous communities including those located in the Great Sandy Desert and the East Pilbara. The six artists included in the exhibition come from diverse communities and are at different stages of their lives and careers. They are creating exciting work that is pushing the boundaries of Indigenous art in terms of its content, style, media and presentation. These artists are concerned with creating artwork that reflects their cultural identity as well as incorporating various influences from their contemporary lives. This exhibition will provide the opportunity for a Melbourne audience to see this new wave of artwork that is beginning to emerge and is curated for Linden by Emma McCowan.

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