Ruth Höflich

To Feed your Oracle

22 May 2021 > 22 August 2021

Opening Friday 21 May 2021, from 6pm.

Ruth Höflich is an artist and filmmaker, born in Munich, Germany, and currently based in Melbourne. Often beginning with photography, her multidisciplinary practice examines the process of image-making, which she sees as an imprint of the daily flow of energy and information.

In 2019, Höflich was awarded the Georges Mora Fellowship. As part of the Fellowship, she developed a new body of work relating to the concept of magic, drawing inspiration from the Conjuring Collection at the State Library of Victoria.

Be brave

IMAGE > [Top] Ruth Höflich in her studio.
Photograph: Theresa Harrison Photography.

IMAGE > Portrait of Ruth Höflich. Photograph: Theresa Harrison Photography.

IMAGE > Ruth Höflich, To Feed your Oracle, 2021. Film still.
Image courtesy of the artist.

Be bold

In an installation of video, photography and site intervention, To Feed Your Oracle will explore how we might understand, or predict, things that we can’t see and how our expectations might affect how we experience the unknown.

Ruth Höflich’s work has been shown internationally in Munich, London, Glasgow, Lubov, New York and Rotterdam International Film Festival amongst others. Höflich has been an artist in residence at Grizedale Arts, UK, The Banff Centre, Canada and Maracuya, Tijuana. In 2016 she received the Emerging Artist Prize from the City of Munich. Höflich is also one part of Halpert/Höflich, a collaborative practice engaged with artists’ publishing and performance. She holds an MFA from Bard College, New York and BA from The Slade, London.

I was interested in looking at the Conjuring Collection and different concepts of magic, from inattentional blindness to divination, to magic as a portal to the unknown.

Ruth Höflich, 2020

IMAGE > Ruth Höflich, To Feed your Oracle, 2021. Film still. Image courtesy of the artist.

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"Ruth's interest in magic lies in its disruption of logical sense patterns,
and in its potential to offer alternative modes of being in and experiencing the world.", 2019

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