What's Yours is Mine

30 July 2011 > 11 September 2011

IMAGE > Jecca, Stealth Art – High Speed Slow Motion (2011), Installation photo Photograph > Christian Capurro

Be bold

This exhibition brings together a diverse group of artists from the United States and Australia that use creative activism as a vehicle to draw attention to the overlooked, disregarded, concealed and sometimes illegal aspects of daily living. With the public domain as their muse, they forefront stealth intervention to produce covert, daring and ephemeral outcomes that illicit involuntary collaboration between the artist and the public or public thoroughfare. Each action incorporates risk and poses ethical questions about creating art predominately in the street as opposed to the studio. This unpredictable process often results in improvisation, humorous happenings and the worry of possible repercussions of criminal mischief.

The artworks in this exhibition expose tension between public and private spaces, by penetrating closed systems of power, critiquing social hierarchies, spying on intimate scenes, toying with personal property and infiltrating institutional or corporate structures. Co-curated by Catherine Bell and Jan Duffy, the exhibiting artists included Australian artists Catherine Bell and Ash Keating; and American artists Chris Bell and Jecca.

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Chris Bell 
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