Johnathon World Peace Bush Exhibition Catalogue

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This publication serves as an extension of Johnathon World Peace Bush’s 2023 exhibition, Everything that came before makes the present, hosted at Linden New Art in 2023. The publication showcases newly written contributions by Johnathon World Peace Bush, Dr. Vincent Alessi, and Will Heathcote. Each piece intricately amplifies, unfolds, and enriches the reader's engagement with the artist and his wider body of work. Furthermore, the publication includes comprehensive documentation of each artwork in the exhibition and of the exhibition's installation. This visual collection creates a lasting space that continues the project's discourse. Bush's artistic creations urge us to talk, listen, and act. This book extends that invitation to embark on the same journey of dialogue and reflection.

Publisher: Linden New Art
Published: 2023
Pages: 104
ISBN: 978-0-9808606-3-4