Linden encourages our community of supporters to be involved. 

Your contributions have allowed us to flourish over the years!

Your support of Linden will make all the difference. A big gift will move things along quickly, but lots of smaller gifts help us grow our family of supporters so that we can continue to present outstanding exhibitions, and artist led activities for visitors and school groups, both virtually and onsite:

  • $5,000 will help us pay for a mid career artist to create new work for our exhibition program
  • $3,500 will help us design a stunning exhibition backdrop so the new work on display can shine
  •  $1,000 will help us provide translations in three languages for exhibition wall labels and virtual introductions on our website
  • $500 will provide artists with copyright fees for presenting their work in our virtual gallery space
  • $250 will engage an artist to develop a kids activity
  • $150 will pay a speaker to participate in an online webinar
  • $75 will support the development of multi-lingual video promotions for our bi-lingual tours
  • $30 will help us continue to provide free On Holidays at Linden programs for children and their families by the provision of a starter art pack
  • $20 will cover the cost of a ticket to one of our free online events
  • $15 will cover the cost of those glasses of bubbly you would have enjoyed at an opening

Supporting this investment will contribute to Linden’s long term visibility and sustainability. Your support will help us to lead by example, raise our profile, and connect to our community.

We love you!

IMAGE > Visitors at the Linden Postcard Show 2019-20, 2019.
Photograph: Theresa Harrison Photography.

IMAGE > Left to right, Melinda Martin and Natalie Ryan during 'Meet the artist' event, 2018.
Photograph: Jasmin McNeill.

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Every donation makes a difference. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.
Your contribution is greatly appreciated and we thank you for your support.


Linden Projects Space
& Linden Workshops

In 2019 Linden raised funds to upgrade two existing spaces.

The Linden Projects Space has provided artists with the opportunity to curate their own exhibitions. The Linden Workshop is now an active hub for adult and children’s programs and the presentation of our professional development programs.

Be brave

IMAGE > Jonathan Kim, Encounter [installation view], Linden Projects Space, 2020.
Photograph: Mathieu Vendeville.


Anonymous x 3
Nicholas Allen & Helen Nicolay
Paul Banks & Nick Perkins
Julie Beatty
Terence Beer
Kim Benson
Jeremy & Caroline Blackshaw
Chris Bohan
Zoe Burton
Ann Byrne
Geoffrey Conaghan
Corina Cosma
Delma Cummings
Owen Craven & Sean Gallagher
Sheila Daniels
Paul Duldig

Catherine Easton
Bruce and Roz Esplin
Sue Foley
Greg Hall
Peter Hanks QC
Marianne Hay
Barbara Heilemann
Jean Hiscock
Damien Hodgkinson
Alison Inglis
Lucy James
Leigh Johns OAM
Lyn Johnson
Justin Foundation
Carin Lavery
Mim Lowe

Sim Luttin
Pamela Macklin
Melinda Martin
Carolyn Menzies
Catherine Moore
Claire Michele Mossop
Sydney Myer Fund
Susie Nathan
Nicole Newman
Makoka Okubo
Sally Paterson
Jan Reid
Hedy Ritterman
Sandra Powell
Neil Robinson
Sue Roff

Norman Rosenblatt
Robert Rowland
Julie Anne Shiels
Deborah Stahle
Kate Stewart
Kylie Stillman
Lucinda Strahan
Crystal Stubbs
Kelly Sullivan
Ann Taylor
Elizabeth Wallace
Neil Wallace
Rosemary Walls
Claire Watson
Deborah White
Biheng Zhang & Mark Gemmola

IMAGE > Linden New Art, interior view, 2019. Photograph: Sebastian Haeusler.

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