Linden encourages our community of supporters to be involved. 

WE need your support

Your support will make all the difference. The pandemic is still impacting our operations and we know we need to be able to deliver a hybrid model of engagement for you, our audience. The power of art to bring people together to be inspired and provoke interesting conversations and impact our well being is now vitally important.

We need your support to continue to deliver the stories of leading mid-career artists. Our sophisticated approach provides opportunities for you to engage virtually, visit in person and participate in conversations that explore new ideas.

Here is how you can help

  • $2,500 provides return flights and 7 days accommodation for exhibiting interstate based mid career artists
  • $1,000 allows us to commission a writer to respond to our exhibition program for our quarterly e-magazine Linden Extra.
  • $500 allows us to create a series of behind the scenes photographs of our exhibiting mid career artists in their studios
  • $250 secures an Auslan interpreter to describe a new artwork for our 360 degree digital tours and increases our accessibility to our diverse audiences.

Your support helps our small team deliver ambitious programming and continue the conversations that matter.

If you would like to talk to us about doing something more ambitious – we have a 1,001 ideas we would like to realise.

We love you!

IMAGE > Visitors at the Linden Postcard Show 2019-20, 2019.
Photograph: Theresa Harrison Photography.

IMAGE > Left to right, Melinda Martin and Natalie Ryan during 'Meet the artist' event, 2018.
Photograph: Jasmin McNeill.

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Every donation makes a difference. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.
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Linden Projects Space
& Linden Workshops

In 2019 Linden raised funds to upgrade two existing spaces.

The Linden Projects Space has provided artists with the opportunity to curate their own exhibitions. The Linden Workshop is now an active hub for adult and children’s programs and the presentation of our professional development programs.

Be brave

IMAGE > Jonathan Kim, Encounter [installation view], Linden Projects Space, 2020.
Photograph: Mathieu Vendeville.


Anonymous x 2
Geoffrey Conaghan
Paul Duldig
Anna Dea
Mira Thurner
Olivia Gumienny
Seren Little
Bernard Ross
Lyn Johnson
Catherine & Bruce Easton
Deborah & Peter Stahle
Justin Homer
Rebecca George
Gabrielle Bibby

Chris & Steve Bohan
Melinda Martin
Jeremy Cutts
Rosemary Pulvirenti
Catherine Friday
David Brand
Ann Byrne
Toni Lalich
Bec Armstrong
Deborah Brown
Alison Inlgis
Kathy Landvogt
Kathleen Mccann
Christine Gibbs

Carolyn Menzies
Delma Cummings
Kylie Stillman
Jeremy & Caroline Blackshaw
Owen Craven
Biheng Zhang
Sandy Mullins
Rosemary Walls
Max & Jo Duldig
Norman & Robin Rosenblatt
Andrea Frank
Anke Kindle
Justine Kirby
Vipoo Srivilasa

Anne McGravie Wright
Helen Nicolay
Damien Hodgkinson
Alan Associates
Josh McLean
John Ingram
Hedy Ritterman
Debbie Symons
Kim Benson
Matthew Erbs
Paul Banks & NickPerkins
Charlie Bush
Steve Gray

IMAGE > Linden New Art, interior view, 2019. Photograph: Sebastian Haeusler.