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Legacy Giving

Can you recall when art has affected you? When it has surprised, moved, or inspired? Can you remember when it has bought laughter, tears, or happiness to those around you? 

Art is at the centre of our shared experience, it is our stories and our communities’ stories, it is grief, and it is hope, it is radical thought and a celebration of tradition.  

By making a bequest to Linden New Art, you will have a significant and lasting impact on your community. Your generous gift will play a vital role in the development of our exhibitions, public programs, and on the lives of contemporary artists. It will ensure that the transformative power of art continues to thrive.

You are our Future

Without the generous support of donors, Linden New Art could not deliver the variety of life enriching outcomes we do. Your support provides stability in the lives of Artists, it develops the voices of our youth, and creates platforms for all of us to talk and to listen. Every donation continues our work and leads to life affirming experiences, and for that I sincerely thank you.

Dr Vincent Alessi
CEO + Director

Why Make a Bequest?

We believe art connects, inspires, and uplifts communities. By making a bequest to Linden New Art, you can play a crucial role in sustaining and nurturing the arts, providing continuous support to artists, and fostering vibrant creative communities.

Leaving a legacy through a bequest allows you to make a profound impact that extends far beyond your lifetime. It is a meaningful way to give back and ensure that future generations can experience the joy, wonder, and inspiration that art brings.

Your bequest will help us provide ongoing support, resources, and platforms for artists to thrive, creating a vibrant and inclusive arts ecosystem that benefits all. Your generosity will ensure that art continues to inspire, challenge, and ignite imaginations for generations to come.

Types of Bequests

There are several types of bequests you can consider when making your gift:

> General Bequest: Leave a specified sum of money or a percentage of your estate to Linden New Art.

> Specific Bequest: Designate assets or property to be bequeathed to Linden New Art.

> Residual Bequest: After providing for your loved ones and fulfilling specific bequests, allocate the remainder or a portion of your estate to Linden New Art.

How to Include Linden New Art in Your Will

Making a bequest to Linden New Art is a meaningful and straightforward process. You can choose to leave a general bequest, which allows us to allocate your gift to where it is most needed at the time, ensuring maximum impact. Alternatively, you can specify a bequest for a particular purpose, such as exhibitions, artist residencies, or community outreach programs.

To include a bequest to Linden New Art in your Will, we recommend consulting with your legal advisor or solicitor. They can provide guidance and ensure that your wishes are accurately reflected. Below is suggested wording you can use as a starting point:

“I give to Linden New Art for its general purposes (indicate percentage, amount, item or property) and declare that the receipt of the Company Secretary at the time shall be sufficient discharge of my executor’s duty."

Legal Name
 Linden New Art INC.
ABN 84 299 880 930
Address 26 Acland st, St Kilda, VIC, 31821

Let Us Know about Your Bequest

We would be honoured to know about your bequest intentions and express our gratitude for your generosity. Sharing your plans allows us to acknowledge your commitment and keep you informed about the impact of your gift. Please consider providing us with a copy of the relevant extract from your Will or a letter from your solicitor confirming your bequest.

Acknowledgement and Recognition

We deeply appreciate your intention to include a bequest to Linden New Art. As a token of our gratitude, we offer several ways to acknowledge and recognise your generosity. Depending on your preference, we can include your name in our annual report, on our donors’ wall, and in select communications. However, we fully respect your desire for anonymity, and your wishes will be honoured accordingly.

Contact Us

Thank you for considering a bequest to Linden New Art. Your support will help us continue our mission of sharing contemporary art and celebrating artists. Together, we can shape the future of contemporary art, empowering artists, enriching our community, and fostering a vibrant artistic landscape for generations to come.

For more information or to discuss your bequest, please contact:
Dr Vincent Alessi
Director + CEO

Thank you for your invaluable support.

Linden operates the Linden Arts Development Fund. We are registered as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR), Item 1, Section 30-15 Income Assessment Act, 1997. All donations over $2 are tax deductible. ABN: 84 299 880 930 Department of Justice Consumer Affairs Victoria Fundraiser Registration No.: 12588