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Make your own 3D horse called Music with artist Jacqui Stockdale


It was said that the Australian bushranger, Ned Kelly named his horse Music. His mother, Mrs Ellen Kelly was seen to ride this horse through the town of Benalla, where artist Jacqui Stockdale grew up.

Monet, The Galette

IMAGE > Ned Kelly’s mother Ellen on a horse called Music.

As part of Jacqui's exhibition, The Long Shot, the artist made a life-sized horse sculpture to represent the horse named Music which she called Such is Love.

In this activity, you will follow Jacqui Stockdale to re-create your own miniature horse sculpture.

Step 1 > Materials

  • Cutting board
  • Scissors or cutting knife
  • Pencils
  • White and blue water based paint colours (acrylic paint is best)
  • Palette
  • Paint brushes
  • Cardboard (Cereal box is ideal)
  • Printer*

*If you don’t have a printer at home, you will need tracing paper or baking paper.

Monet, The Galette

Monet, The Galette

Step 2 > Making the pattern

Print the horse template below. Then, cut out each piece and use it to trace onto your cardboard.

+ Print horse template

*If you don’t have a printer at home, ask a parent to help you lightly trace the template on to some tracing paper or baking paper.

Step 3 > Cutting & painting the pieces

Use pointy scissors or a cutting knife to cut out the shapes from the cardboard.

Keep the vertical slits very small, otherwise when you put the horse together it may be too loose.

Paint each piece on both sides with white paint.

Wait until dry and repeat two times. This makes the horse stronger and gives it texture.

Monet, The Galette

Monet, The Galette

Step 4 > Putting the horse together

When your pieces are dry, lock them together by copying these pictures.

Add more paint to each join to help it hold together.

Step 5 > Finishing touches

Once your horse has dried, it should stand on its own four legs.

Dilute some blue paint with equal parts water and paint the eyes, the nose and the hooves.

Now sing the horse a song and enjoy your new creation.

Monet, The Galette

Step 6 > Share it with us!

Upload a photo of your artwork on Instagram. Don't forget to tag @linden_new_art and @jacquistockdale
Or upload a photo of your artwork below.

Your horse will become part of a marvellous herd everyone's horses called a ‘Musical of horses’ that we will share on this page!

A musical herd of horses

Murmur by Deb

Black horse by Kylie
Music by Jacqui
Shadow and his Easter Stranger by Jasmin
Shadow and his Easter Stranger by Jasmin

Behind the scenes & into the stable

Here are few behind the scenes pictures of Jacqui Stockdale's artwork Such is Love

To make the life-sized horse sculpture, Jacqui used a paper 3D model of Phar Lap that she bought from Melbourne Museum. This 3D model became the "skeleton" for the inside of the horse.

Jacqui re-created a life-sized "skeleton" out of timber and covered it in chicken wire, masking tape and paper mache. It took over twenty layers to make the horse strong enough to sit on it!

Then the horse was painted many times with white acrylic paint mixed with craft glue. The mane and tail were carved from air drying clay. Finally, Jacqui used a very special shiny blue pearl paint to colour the eyes and other details.

 IMAGES >  Jacqui Stockdale, behind the scenes creating Such is Love. Image courtesy of the artist. > Jacqui Stockdale, Such is Love [installation view], 2020. Image courtesy of the artist. Photograph: Theresa Harrison Photography.