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Be bold

Is the world designed with only men in mind? Why are products for women often coloured pink? Why are so many things made of plastic? How do we embrace First Nations heritage into design thinking? We invited you to share your design problems, chose the hardest to solve, and enlisted the best and brightest students from Monash University to find the best solutions. Hear how they solved your design problems and vote for the best team!

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> Thursday 14 October 2021
> 6PM to 7PM
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> FREE, suitable for practicing artists/designers and emerging arts industry professionals

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About the Speakers

Myra Thiessen

Dr Myra ThiessenĀ is a Lecturer in Communication Design at Monash Art, Design, and Architecture, Monash University. She has rounded experience as a design practitioner, educator, and researcher, with a particular interest in the social impact of design. Her research is focused on cultures of reading and learning, which includes an exploration of how people access, use, and interact with information and the impact of motivation, context, and environment on reading and cognition.

Image > Myra Thiessen. Photograph: Courtesy Myra Thiessen.

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