for artists

Wednesday 10 March 2021, 6PM to 7PM, FREE Zoom event

Did you know that a gallery in upstate New York was recently involved in a legal dispute to have a public art installation on the façade of its building recognised as art, and not illegal signage? Join a lively discussion in which our guest speakers explore the topic of censorship.

Thursday 19 November 6pm

A working-class blackfella writing for and about the people she belongs to, Mykaela Saunders is full of piss and vinegar and proud of it. In this talk Mykaela uncovers the aggressive energy she brings to her writing, locating its origins in DIY music critique  and academic research and tracing it through to its current expressions, with a focus on her works-in-progress.

Tuesday 29 September, 3PM-4PM
FREE, suitable for practicing visual artists

This event aims to improve the wellbeing of practicing artists during the pandemic. Using tools that will help you achieve a sense of security for the future, boosted self-esteem, stronger connections in our communities and, most importantly, some room to breathe.

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