My works are small and precious. Small work has less environmental impact than large work (less materials, more can fit in the kiln etc). I am also working consciously to avoid waste and failed work. I like the idea that the work I make is accessible and affordable, and can fit almost anywhere. I enjoy making several pieces along a theme which I group together to achieve an impact.

My forms are made to nestle in the hand. I seek the beauty in handmade details – fingerprints, delicate edges and decoration which unravels as the viewer gets closer and then holds the pieces in their hands. My works is functional, sculptural and decorative.

Rocks, beach, sea and sky are my inspiration – ever-changing and ephemeral but also solid and long-lasting. My local landscapes are an important part of my life.


Vicki Grima lives on Gadigal Land, Sydney, close to many beautiful beaches – her favourite place to spend time. She started off teaching visual arts, for the first fifteen years to secondary students, then to teachers with whom she could share her passion for integrating visual arts through the whole curriculum. Over the next few years as she developed her own arts practice, she enjoyed 14 years as a member of a co-operative ceramics gallery in Sydney and continued to teach a broad range of visual arts to adults throughout Australia.

From 2005 to February 2023, Vicki worked with The Australian Ceramics Association, as Executive Officer and Editor of The Journal of Australian Ceramics. This job involved working with a diverse, dynamic membership of over 1500 studio potters, print and web publishing, along with event and exhibition management. Vicki remains passionate about connecting with community around a broad range of interests – ceramics, education, the environment, politics and books.

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IMAGE > Vicki Grima. Image courtesy of the artist.