10 March > 10 April 2022
Tuesday to Sunday, 11AM > 4PM

Jarrad Martyn's practice involves studio based oil paintings and exterior acrylic wall murals which examine humanity’s relationship with the natural environment and how different historical events are framed.

This exhibition explores the evolution of collective memory and the function of public monuments in modern society. This work underscores the importance of questioning the status of early colonisers and forgotten diplomats in a process that is often linked with social justice movements.

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IMAGE > [Top] Jarrad Martyn, Host [detail], 2022, oil on canvas, 137 x 88cm. Image courtesy of the artist.
IMAGE > Jarrad Martyn, Storage, 2021, oil on canvas, 87 x 55cm.
Image courtesy of the artist.

IMAGE > Jarrad Martyn, Reddie [detail], 2021, oil on canvas, 89 x 91cm.
Image courtesy of the artist.

Relics presents a series of large-scale oil paintings that depict ambiguous museum interiors and indistinct landscape spaces, where motifs from different contexts and time periods appear in the same space. COVID Hazmat-suit wearing figures are ‘sanitising’ history, and are set against both ancient and modern monuments removed from their usual contexts.

Martyn employs the principles of bricolage - something constructed from a diverse range of things - to explore the symbolic function of certain imagery and how this might affect our understanding of historical events.

As members of communities, our relationship with statues and monuments is in a constant state of change due to the ever evolving nature of society. In recent years, there has been a shift towards moral accountability and a re-examination of the achievements of memorialised and iconised figures.

Jarrad Martyn, 2022

Jarrad Martyn is an Australian artist working in Naarm, Melbourne. Martyn’s work is a number of public and private collections including UWA, ECU, Curtin University and City of Perth. Recently he won the Fifty Squared Art Prize at Brunswick Street Gallery. In 2018 he won the John Stringer Art Prize and in 2017 he won the City of Joondalup Community Invitation Art Award Overall Acquisitive Award.

IMAGE > Jarrad Martyn in his studio, 2021. Image courtesy of the artist.
IMAGE > [above] Jarrad Martyn, Exhibit, 2021, oil on canvas, 50 x 40cm.
Image courtesy of the artist.

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