jeremy blincoe

The Fragile Skin of the World

Linden Projects Space
13 October > 13 November 2022

Linden New Art is proud to present The Fragile Skin of the World, a visceral new body of work by Melbourne-based artist Jeremy Blincoe. The Fragile Skin of the World extends Blincoe’s practice of combining unusual materials and technologies to synthesise intricate sculptural arrangements that confuse and collapse the ideological distinctions separating objects from their environments. 

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IMAGE > [Top] Jeremy Blincoe, When flesh melts to rock and a giant passes [installation detail], 2022, photographic fabric, acrylic, 215 x 145 x 50 cm.
Image courtesy of the artist and Blackartprojects.

IMAGE > Jeremy Blincoe, River of absolute intimacy [installation view], 2022, Epoxy resin, fibreglass, foam, stainless steel, mdf, tiles, 200 x 150 x 150 cm. 
Image courtesy of the artist and Blackartprojects.

IMAGE > Jeremy Blincoe, Unruliness at the heart #3 [detail], 2022, Monterey Cypress, 60 x 60 x 10 cm. Image courtesy of the artist and Blackartprojects.

Taking its title from an essay by French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy, The Fragile Skin of the World is an exhibition exploring what Blincoe calls the “porousness of boundaries” and its material implications. The constructs of history and language have organised our comprehension of the world into false dualities, e.g., nature/culture, organic/geometric, past/present, within/without. Yet, for Blincoe, this way of thinking contradicts the complex web of relations that connects all things, as nothing exists in absolute isolation and not everything fits neatly in binary opposition. This is increasingly becoming true of the human body too, as recent innovations in virtual reality technology, artificial intelligence, and digital prosthesis prompt us to rethink (and perhaps even abolish) the limits that define who and what we are. It is here, in this shifting, hybrid arena between categories that The Fragile Skin of the World unfolds, producing a fluid space where silicon and glass meet, antiquity and future merge, the observer becomes a participant, and ambiguity acts in the service of clarity.

It is impossible to demarcate the boundaries where one and another, human and non-human, begin and end. We are a mesh of tangled threads that affect and are affected by the surrounding world. It is the joining of threads between the multiplicity of porous bodies that I feel drawn to. Our skin and pupils dilate letting in the world, cracked concrete from the probing rhizomatic roots of a fig tree cause a misstep, our technology are bodily extensions which shape and alter our behaviour, the past and present burning of fossil fuels alters the climate. Each shimmering thread vibrates, ripples and alters another in often unforeseen ways – a weave of immense complexity teetering this way and that. We are but one porous organism shrouded within the fragile skin of the world.

Jeremy Blincoe, 2022

IMAGES > Jeremy Blincoe, An opening to all possible outsides [installation view], 2022, stainless steel, silicone, 156 x 88.4 x 20 cm. Image courtesy of the artist and Blackartprojects.

jeremy blincoe

Jeremy Blincoe is a Melbourne-based artist with a multi-disciplinary practice focusing on sculpture and photography. In 2020, Blincoe graduated with a Masters of Contemporary Art from the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne. Since 2006, Blincoe has exhibited extensively, including fifteen solo showings across Australia and in New Zealand, Switzerland and Korea. Blincoe has been the recipient of several prestigious art prizes, winning the Fiona Myer Award at VCA (2020), Brisbane Art Prize (2017), Fisher Ghost Arts Prize (2017) and Kaipara Wallace Arts Trust Award (2016). His work is held in the collection of Gippsland Art Gallery and Pah Homestead.

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IMAGE > Portrait of Jeremy Blincoe, 2020. Image courtesy of the artist.