Curated by Mia Palmer-Verevis, Izzy Baker and Freddie Wright

Linden Projects Space
6 July > 6 August 2023

Linden Projects Space is proud to present Material Remains, a curated exhibition featuring the work of five local artists – Shannon Slee, Isabella Darcy, Rebecca Diele, Casey Jeffery and Madeleine Joy Dawes – alongside two works from the City of Port Phillip, one by Martin Kantor and one by Sarah crowEST.

Material Remains explores the socio-historical, archival and formal threads of fabric. It opens with Martin Kantor’s 1986 photograph of the Victorian Tapestry Workshop and ends with three works that look like fabric, but are in fact drawing, painting and stitched paper. In moving from local history to total abstraction, the slipperiness of fabric emerges: it is embedded in community; a carrier of identity and memory; and substrate that in art, eludes capture.  

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IMAGE > [Top] Isabella Darcy, sportif casual #2, 2023, tartan skirt, t-shirt over canvas, 22.9 x 10 cm. Image courtesy of the artist.
IMAGE > Martin Kantor (1960-2015), Untitled (Victorian Tapestry Workshop), 1986. C-type photographic print, edition 6 of 20 20.5 x 18.5cm.

IMAGE > sarah crowEST, DON’T TUNE OUT IF YOU HEAR SILENCE, 2016. Synthetic polymer paint and biro on Belgian linen, 138 x 102cm. Image courtesy of the artist.

In her work, Shannon Slee picks and pieces fabric remnants back together, entwining women’s history with care, sewing and identity. Also utilising found material, Isabella Darcy explores how value, class and subcultures refract in clothing. Sarah crowEST contributes DON’T TUNE OUT IF YOU HEAR SILENCE – stretched canvas that was once functional and is now representational. Casey Jeffery, Madeleine Joy Dawes and Rebecca Diele evoke fabric without any fabric present. Mark by mark, stitch by stitch, these artists meet fabric as a form in and of itself, momentarily disembodied. 

Often denigrated as ‘craft’ or ‘women’s art’, Material Remains – curated by Mia Palmer-Verevis, Izzy Baker and Freddie Wright – refastens fabric to its complexity, how it can bear memories, politics and philosophical thought.

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Please note > we apologise for any inconvenience, the Linden Projects Space is not wheelchair accessible.

IMAGE > Casey Jeffery, Baby Alpaca Check, 2022. Oil and acrylic on board, 60 x 60 cm. Image courtesy of the artist.

Material Remains is presented in partnership with the University of Melbourne as part of Linden New Art’s Arts Industry Placement Program (AIPP). 

Linden Projects Space is generously supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria, City of Port Phillip and the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust.

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