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Capturing your favourite Holiday memory.

Think about a special memory you may have from your holidays. Using the Postcard show as inspiration, create your own postcard that reflects an impression from your favourite time.  This could be an activity you did, a place you visited, or the people you have seen. This Postcard will act as a reminder and small memento of this special memory. You can embrace and explore different materials and incorporate a little bit of embroidery. Using a needle and thread choose a small detail in your work to embellish and highlight. 

Inspired by the Linden Postcard Show 2021-22


  • Water colour paper, thicker gsm paper

  • Acrylic Paint, Watercolours or Ink

  • Coloured Cotton thread 

Step 1

  • Cut your paper to size 8 cm x 10 cm 

autumn flora sculptures

Monet, The Galette

Step 2 

  • Choose a photo you would like to work from or think of a memory and either draw it out first or start painting directly onto your paper

Step 3

  • Begin painting, drawing on your paper with your chosen material/s 

Monet, The Galette

Monet, The Galette

Step 4

If you wish to highlight a part of your picture, use the needle and thread to embellish a small section. 

Step 5 

  • Start by cutting a length of thread you desire 
  • Place the eye of the needle over the thread and gently thread through 
  • Once the rest of thread is through you are ready to tie a knot at the opposite end of the needle
  • Push the needle through where you want to start sewing on your paper 
  • Pull it all the way through until the knot that you had tied on the end hits the back of the paper 
  • Take the sewing needle and put it back through the paper beside the other spot you went through
  • With the needle being on the other side now, go back through beside the spot that you came out of

Monet, The GaletteMonet, The GaletteMonet, The Galette

Monet, The Galette

Step 6

  • Repeat these steps so you create either a line or shape using these steps

Step 7 > Share it with us!

Share it with us! Upload a photo of your artwork below and we will share your creations on this page

IMAGES >  Activity and images by Hana Vasak