Linden Plays > Making Native Bee Hotels

Linden Plays > Making Native Bee Hotels
IMAGE > Emma Grace during a workshop. Image courtesy of the artist. 

Join our workshop and make a difference for local wildlife! Create charming, miniature structures using recycled materials and bamboo, providing native bees with safe homes. Add your creative touch to decorate these habitats and learn about the importance of protecting our native flora and fauna. Let's inspire environmental stewardship together. 

Children of all ages are welcome.

WHEN > Saturday, 26 August 2023
TIME > 1PM to 2:30PM 
VENUE > Linden Workshop, rear 26 Acland Street, St Kilda VIC 3182

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Emma Grace is an artist, crafter, and workshop facilitator. In her 20+ years of creating, she has been passionate about incorporating sustainability into her work. Emma's personal work and workshops seek to reclaim things that would otherwise end up as waste, and turn them into aesthetically beautiful and functional items destined for a second life.

Emma studied Applied Arts at the University of South Australia, majoring in Jewellery Design.
She creates wearable art with found and recycled materials, including custom design jewellery, and has been creating, collaborating, and exhibiting her wearable art creations for many years.