Sunday Sessions > Botanical Sculptures Workshop

Sunday Sessions > Botanical Sculptures Workshop
IMAGE > Elsa Thorp, Citrus medica var. Sarcodactylis, Durio zibethinus, 2023. Image courtesy of the artist.

Don’t miss the last workshop of Linden’s Sunday Sessions this summer.

Join us for a hands-on experience where participants will craft stunning sculptures inspired by nature, using local organic materials.

Learn the art of botanical sculpture and display your creations amidst the gallery's gardens, turning the outdoor space into a temporary art gallery filled with botanical wonders.

Suitable for ages 5 and over. 

WHEN > Sunday 11 February 2024
TIME > 1PM to 3PM, drop-in activity
VENUE > Linden Workshop Space, rear 26 Acland Street, St Kilda
COST > Free, Limited Spots

If you have any access requirements, please check our access page. 

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Elsa Thorp is a South Melbourne artist and graduate of the City of Port Philip Environmental Leadership Course, currently exhibiting in the Linden Postcard Show. Elsa's artistic journey began in art school nearly two decades ago after being surrounded by plants and nature by a scientist father specialising in research of exotic fruit production. After earning a Fine Arts degree in New Zealand, she exhibited black-and-white nature photography across Europe during her seven years in Berlin. Seven years ago, Elsa relocated to Melbourne, where she transitioned to crafting botanical sculptures with naturally dried and fresh seasonal materials. Beyond artistic expression, this art form serves as a source of mental well-being for Elsa, and she now shares the therapeutic benefits through workshops, fostering a community that appreciates the healing power of crafting with organic materials. Elsa is passionate about supporting local. Her process involves sourcing seasonal materials from local markets, direct from farms and a bit of foraging. She has developed relationships over the last seven years with farmers, visiting their beautiful properties and local stores. The hunt for unusual seasonal materials gives her work a temporal quality where it's ultimate configuration cannot be known until the very last minute.