Teen Analogue Photography Project

Teen Analogue Photography Project
IMAGES > (above and below) Works by participants of the 2023 Teen Art Photography Project.

Analogue Photography Project

1/5/2024 - 19/6/2024

Facilitated by: Aishah Kenton + Sean Davey

Join us as we capture moments, weave narratives, and celebrate the transformative magic of monochrome film photography. Discover how stripping away color can enhance storytelling, evoke emotions, and lend a poetic quality to your images.

In our engaging 2-hour weekly sessions, you'll not only develop your skills but also immerse yourself in a supportive community of fellow enthusiasts. Through hands-on experiences, you'll explore the intricate process of film photography, from loading the roll to developing the negatives. Guided by experienced artists, experiment with various techniques such as composition, exposure, and post-editing, and uncover the possibilities of this timeless art form.


> Wednesday Weekly, 1 May to 19 June 2024

TIME > 4:30pm to 6:30pm
VENUE > Linden Workshop Space, rear 26 Acland Street, St Kilda
COST > Free, Booking Essential

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