Artist Speakeasy > What are NFT's?

Artist Speakeasy > What are NFT's?

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What IS a non-fungible token, or NFT? We hear you ask.

Join us for a special professional development session unpacking this illusive acronym. We will set the record straight, covering definitions, contexts and how practising artists can take advantage of this new technology and potential marketplace for their art practice. 

Artists can learn about how to get started in the NFT space and some of the potential ways this platform can be used. We will hear from guest speakers and there will be lots of opportunities to ask questions. Please be mindful, this is not a session to provide individual legal advice. So gather all thoughts crypto, and register below for this live event.

WHEN > Tuesday 13 July 2021
TIME  > 6PM to 7PM
VENUE > Live on YouTube and Facebook
COST      > FREE, suitable for practising visual artists and emerging arts industry professionals

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