Strange Bedfellows > Manga vs Anthropology

Strange Bedfellows > Manga vs Anthropology
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What are the connections between Manga and Anthropology? Hear from industry professionals Jason Jones and Associate Professor Djuke Veldhuis, to discover all there is to know about these two topics. Come along and join us at Readings in St Kilda to find out more. 

Strange Bedfellows pairs two speakers addressing completely unrelated subjects, followed by questions from the audience. During the first part of the program, Jason and Djuke will share their specialised knowledge in short, sharp 20-minute lectures. The stage will then be opened, as we invite you the audience to ask questions and find the connections between the two topics.

Gather your friends, BYO alcohol and prepare to learn some weird and wonderful facts and compete to see if you can come up with the winning question. Prizes will be awarded to those with the best connections.

WHEN > Wednesday 24 August 2022
TIME > 6PM to 7PM
ACCESS > Readings St Kilda, 112 Acland Street, St Kilda VIC 3182

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About the Speakers

Jason Jones

Jason Jones took to Japan early in life, when he began importing Japanese video games that were never translated for the international market. Being unable read the text and thus understand the storylines of these games, he began learning Japanese.

Jason is Coordinator of Japanese Studies at Monash University. His work centers on cultural adaptation as represented in Japanese film, television, animation, manga, and other texts. His most recent research topics have seen him examining the world from the perspective of the Japanese sommelier in wine manga—yes, there is such a thing—and (re)visiting the 1960s, 70s and 80s to investigate the image-creating capacity of US media products in Japan, such as the oft-imitated dance show, Soul Train.

Jason leverages the knowledge gained throughout his more than 10 years living in Japan to teach a range of units on various topics, including Japanese language, Japanese popular culture and screen translation. He is also an active subtitler and scripter for a number of international streaming services.

IMAGE > Courtsey of the Speaker

Associate Professor Djuke Veldhuis

Djuke is Director of the Bachelors of Science Advanced – Global Challenges course at Monash University and passionate about engaging at the intersection of science and society. She has also developed and delivered science communications training to hundreds of people across the globe. 

 Previous roles include managing FameLab, an international science communication competition in partnership with Cheltenham Festivals, The British Council and NASA, as well as work with the US Global Development Lab’s “Partnership for enhanced engagement in research”. 

She holds a BA (hons) in Archaeology & Anthropology and a PhD in Biological Anthropology from the University of Cambridge. From documenting the effects of rapid environmental and cultural change on human health in Papua New Guinea or tracking human prehistory in the Libyan Sahara, Djuke thrives on tackling interdisciplinary research questions. Her research background sits alongside extensive teaching experience and a first-class MA degree in science journalism from City University, London.

IMAGE > Courtsey of the Speaker

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