artist led

Sunday 7 August 2022, 2PM > 3PM, FREE, at Linden New Art 

Join artist Louisa Bufardeci to find out about her most recent installation work, titled Figuring. The work consists of over 100 string figure attempts that the artist deciphered from a book published in 1906 by anthropologist Caroline Furness Jayne, titled String Figures: A study of cat’s cradle in many lands.

Wednesday 3 August 2022, 6PM > 7PM, FREE, at Linden New Art 

Join Linden New Art curator Juliette Hanson in conversation with multidisciplinary artist Kate Beynon. Find out more about Kate’s new solo exhibition The Shapeshifter’s Hour, and the diverse interests that have inspired her work, including fashion, surrealism and the supernatural.

Sunday 17 July 2022, 2PM > 3PM, FREE,  at Linden Projects Space

Join artist Morganna Magee for an afternoon of relaxed conversation with curator Anna Monea and participants from the local migrant and refugee community as they share, exchange and discuss their stories behind the exhibition Distant Shores, now showing in the Linden Projects Space until July 31st.

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