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with Mykaela Saunders

IMAGE > Oleg D. Jefimenko's Electricity and Magnetism, 1966.

Be bold

A working-class blackfella writing for and about the people she belongs to, Mykaela Saunders is full of piss and vinegar and proud of it. In this talk Mykaela uncovers the aggressive energy she brings to her writing, locating its origins in DIY music critique  and academic research and tracing it through to its current expressions, with a focus on her works-in-progress. Using anger as a springboard into absurdist, surrealist and magical realist styles, and writing across fictitious, poetic, scholarly, and hybrid forms, Mykaela’s natural Lebanese arrogance and Koori taking-the-piss approach to life bleeds all over the page. 

Drawing from country, community and culture, from the past and from the future, Mykaela writes what she knows: Aboriginal sovereignty and survivance, poverty and hermetic solitude, heavy metal and the ocean, parasites and posers, colonisation, apocalypse, climate change, otherworldly journeys, small towns and big city living, belonging and wandering, and the long hangover of institutional interference

WHEN >  Thursday 19 November 2020
> 6PM-8PM
ACCESS > Online Event
> FREE, suitable for practicing visual artists

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MYKAELA SAUNDERS is an award-winning Koori writer, teacher, and community researcher. Writing across forms and disciplines, Mykaela has won prizes for fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction and research. She has worked in Aboriginal education since 2003, and her research explores trans-generational trauma and healing in her community. Of Dharug and Lebanese descent, Mykaela is working-class and queer, and belongs to the Tweed Aboriginal community. 

Be brave

IMAGE > Portrait of Mykaela Saunders.