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Monet, The Galette

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1 1  It is believed that the first ever postcard was sent by writer Theodore Hook in 1840 to himself as a practical joke. It’s also now the most expensive postcard in the world. How much did this postcard sell for?

2 2   Riddle: Which artwork has 8 legs and 40 fingers? Hint: it is crawling around by the window.

3 3   There are many animals in the Linden Postcard Show artworks. Can you list the different type of animals can you see in this room?

4 4   Artworks can be made of anything! When lots of different materials are used that is called mixed media art. Can you see and artwork that is made out of mixed materials?

5 5   Some artworks have writing on them and say different things. What is written on some of the artworks in this room?

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