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Get ready to explore the Linden Postcard Show 2021-22!

Monet, The Galette

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1 1  There are many animals in the Linden Postcard Show. List the different types of animals you can see in this room. Remember they can be real or imaginary.

2 2   Landscapes show places we know and places we dream of going to. Choose your favourite landscape and describe why you like it. What colours can you see? Which place does it remind you of?

3 3   There are many different types of birds in this room. List as many types of birds that you can see.

4 4   Food is part of every day life, and that’s why we often see artworks about food. Look at all the types of food in this room! Find a food that you love to eat and describe why it’s the best.

5 5   Our pets are our best friends – it’s no wonder so many cats appear in the Linden Postcard Show. Starting in this room count all the cats in the entire exhibition. Hint – don’t forget the big cats!

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