Make a time capsule to discover in the future!

This year has been a big year! We have done so many new things and overcome so many different obstacles. The world is always changing and so are we. This might be a special year to remember in a time capsule.

A time capsule stores objects and letters from a moment in time that is hidden away or buried for discovery in the future.

Be bold


  • Container like a box or jar that is big enough to fit everything you will collect together
  • Paper and pencils to write a letter
  • Sticky tape
  • Optional: Glue, glitter and craft materials to decorate your time capsule
  • Some of your favourite objects, these may include:
    • A favourite toy
    • A favourite object
    • A souvenir from a recent trip
    • A souvenir a friend gave you
    • Photographs


Select a container to be your time capsule and collect some objects you might like to put into your time capsule. Once you have selected your objects, decide what you can fit into your capsule. 

Step 2

Decorate your capsule and write your details on the front. This capsule can be opened in 10 years’ time in the year 2030. 

Do not open until the year 2030


Today’s date

Be brave

Be curious

Step 3

Write yourself a letter. This is the most important part. In 10 years, you may not remember why all of these objects were so important to you. Write yourself a letter that includes some of the following details:

  • Your age
  • What your home is like
  • What you did this year and what was your favourite part
  • The name of your school and your current teachers
  • Your best friends and what you like to do with them
  • Your favourite place in the world
  • Your favourite food, book & movie
  • And write about each object you have put into your time capsule.

If you like, you can also ask a family member to write a letter for your time capsule too.


Draw a picture of you with your family and friends. You can choose to draw everyone in front of your house, at your school, or at your favourite place like the park next door!


Now it’s time to seal your time capsule and put it somewhere safe. Make sure your box or jar is sealed tightly and ask your parents or guardian to help you put it somewhere safe. Then, you must be patient and wait to open it in 10 years.

Be curious

Step 6

Share it with us! Upload a photo of your artwork below and we will share your creations on this page.