Time Lapse

Time-lapse is a cinematography technique that can show the change of something over period of time whether minutes or hours long in a matter of seconds. It has been used to show the change of sunsets, seeds germinating, the rotation of the earth through the nights sky and the progress of an artwork.


  • Smart phone
  • Subject to photograph
  • Determined time-period
  • Time lapse phone application

    autumn flora sculptures

    Monet, The Galette

    Step 1

    Thanks to smart phones we have access to amazing photography at our finger tips that help us capture special moments and share them. This activity will use your smart phone and one of the many time-lapse apps available. Choose one that is best for you and your phone.

    + click here for app recommendation

    Step 2

    Choose the subject you’d like to photograph and choose the amount of time you will need. You may choose to photograph a sunset over 1 hour or a seed germinating over 10 days. Whichever you choose, set up a spot to place your phone that you will be able to come back to.

    Monet, The Galette

    Step 3

    Photograph your subject periodically as it changes and edit your time-lapse in your chosen smart phone application. For more time-lapse inspiration videos check out this Youtube channel Temponaut Timelapse.