Animal Vision Periscopes

This activity encourages consideration of how animals might view the world. Which animal will you be today? An eagle? A hammerhead shark? A chameleon? Think about all of the different features of your chosen animal’s habitat… you never know what you might spot on your adventures!

Inspired by Universe Awarwness. Image by Universe Awarwness.

Materials needed

  • Two empty cardboard milk cartons
  • Cardboard cutter
  • Gaffer tape
  • Pencil
  • Two rectangular hand mirrors
  • Ruler
  • Scissors

Step 1

Think of your favourite animal and consider how it might view the world.

Step 2

Use the scissors to cut off the spout end of each milk or juice carton.

Step 3

Cut out a window at the bottom of the front of each carton, leaving a 1.25 cm on either side of the holes.

Step 4

Turn one carton on its side with the hole you made facing to your right. On the side facing up, measure two 1.9 cm from the top of the left edge and make a mark with your pencil or pen. Use your ruler to draw a diagonal line from your mark to the top right corner. Using the scissors, carefully cut the line the same length as one edge of your mirror.

Step 5

Repeat step 3 with your other carton.

Step 6

Slide one mirror into the diagonal slit you made. Look through the window. Adjust the mirror until the image is straight, then secure the mirror with tape. Repeat with your other carton.

Step 7

Finally, insert the open end of one carton into the open end of the other with the windows facing away from each other. Secure with tape.


If you’re feeling adventurous then go wild and decorate your animal vision periscope with materials from around your house to make it look more like your favourite animal!