Found Object Sculptures

Artist Jonathan Kim’s work considers the importance between objects and the environment they inhabit, while asking the viewer to contemplate their own relationship with the material world. As winter begins to arrive and we all start rugging up inside, we invite you to take the time to consider the materials and space that you inhabit.

Inspired by Linden's past exhibition Jonathan Kim > Encounter, 2020.

Step 1

Go for a leisurely stroll through your home, garden or neighbourhood. During this journey collect any objects that upon seeing resonate with you.

Step 2

Bring your collection of objects back to your contemplative space.

autumn flora sculptures

Monet, The Galette

Step 3

Spend time with your objects; turn them over in your hands; look at them; think about what they are made of; think about the relationship your objects might have with one another.

Step 4 

Once you know your objects, begin to arrange them. Think both about where and how you place your objects.

Step 5

Also consider the empty space between your objects and try to feel what that space is saying to you. Create an arrangement of objects and space that reflects how you feel - and your arrangement can always be altered.

Step 6

Once you have found an arrangement that feels right, be still with your new sculpture and let your mind travel.

Monet, The Galette

Step 7 > Share it with us!

Upload a photo of your artwork below and we will share your creations on this page.

IMAGES >  Found Objects Sculptures photographs by Sebastian Heusler.