Snail Mail Project

Linden New Art has joined East Gippsland Art Gallery to connect our stay-at-home communities through the art of letters.

Let's connecT

Kids are invited to become pen pals by sending a meaningful message to someone who has to stay home just like you.

To be someone’s pen pal, you will write a letter and make a small handmade gift to send to someone who lives in rural East Gippsland and they will send a letter and gift back to you.

Monet, The Galette

Monet, The Galette

1. write your letter

We know you are all creative kids but if you need an idea, start by writing about some of the things below.

  • Introduce yourself, your name and age
  • Your school
  • Things you like learning at home
  • Activities you like doing
  • Your neighbourhood
  • Your favourite animal


Include a handmade gift with your letter to your pen pal. Here are a few handmade ideas to help you get started. You could:

  • Draw a picture of yourself, your house, your pets
  • Include your favourite recipe with a photo or drawing of the dish
  • Write a list of the things you do to cheer yourself up
  • Or list your 5 favourite songs or movies
  • Make a collage of picture cut out from old magazines
  • Create an origami animal to send
  • Make and decorate a bookmark
  • Design a card



Now, it's time to send it off!

Pop your artwork and written letter into an envelope and seal it up!

4. get a letter sent to you!

Time for the parents/guardians to help you out!

Parents/guardians of the participant must complete and submit the release and consent agreement so that your child can be matched with a child in East Gippsland. They will receive your child’s letter and your child will receive a letter from them.

Your child details


Parent/Guardian details

I agree with the terms and conditions

Once you filled that form and your child has completed their creative letter, you can post it directly to our partner gallery:

East Gippsland Art Gallery
2 Nicholson St
Bairnsdale, VIC 3875

And your child will receive a letter back!

Monet, The Galette