Terrazzo Coasters

Inspired by Designers on your Doorstep and the theme of home. Create a fun Terrazzo coaster, this small functional domestic object can brighten up any space in your home. Learn about Terrazzo - commonly used to describe patterns, it can include various materials to create uniformly textured surfaces.


  • Cardboard or Cork 
  • Pencil 
  • Sticking tape or glue 
  • Scissors 
  • Glass - used for tracing a circle 
  • Clear contact paper
  • Coloured paper used for terrazzo 
  • Paper for base ( any colour of your choice )  

autumn flora sculptures

Monet, The GaletteMonet, The Galette

Step 1 

  • Place glass upside down and trace around cardboard /cork to mark your coaster circles 
  • Cut these out
  • Trace these circles on your paper that will be the base colour of your coaster
  • Cut these out as well
  • Glue down your base paper onto the cardboard or cork 
  • Cut each one out twice so there is a front and back

Step 2

  • Cut up small shapes/ triangles using your coloured paper ( this will be your terrazzo pieces) 
  • Place these on your coasters in any pattern that you like
  • Glue these down on both sides of the coaster ( front and back)

autumn flora sculptures

Monet, The Galette

Step 3 

Cut out small sections of clear contact paper

Step 4

Stick clear contact paper on front and back and cut around the sides neatly.

Monet, The GaletteMonet, The Galette

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