Cyber Masquerade
with Jacqui Stockdale

Portrait of Jacqui Stockdale, 2019. Photograph: Mia Mala McDonald. Source

Be bold

Join artist Jacqui Stockdale for a very special, first of its kind, Cyber Masquerade and artist talk. To celebrate Stockdale’s solo exhibition The Long Shot, currently showing, Linden invites you to dress your best for an online masquerade event. Inspired by the colourful costumes that adorn the figures in Stockdale’s exhibition, many of the masks used in the works are sourced from the artist’s collection. In the exhibition, some of the masks are hand-made and others are from Mexico, Guatemala and China. The artist's research and inspiration stems from films on Ned Kelly, The Mexican Day of the Dead, burlesque costumes and equestrian monuments. 

On Friday 19 June at 6PM, Stockdale will welcome you to her online party with an artist talk about the costumes in her exhibition followed by the best mask awards. We invite you and your friends to create your own mask and wear them for the party.

There will be three awards for your mask creations; judged by the artist Jacqui Stockdale - the Best Re-imagined Ned Kelly Mask; judged by our Curator Juliette Hanson - the Most Creative Mask; and by you, the guests - the Most Popular Mask.

>  Friday 19 June 2020
> 6PM-7.30PM
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