3D Tour and Q&A
with Julia Deville

IMAGE > Portrait of Julia deVille. Photograph: Luzena Adams. Image courtesy of the artist.

Be bold

At the end of 2018, Julia deVille presented her most ambitious solo exhibition to date at Linden. Titled Wholeness and the Implicit Order, the exhibition featured many of the artist’s signature works that combine taxidermy and jewellery, as well as introducing the next phase of deVille’s practice by presenting a series of holographic works and augmented reality experiences. The themes of the exhibition are as relevant now as they were then; the closeness of life and death, human consciousness and our relationship with animals and nature.

That was nearly two years ago, so we thought it was high time we caught up with Julia to find out what she has been doing since then and how she is spending her time during lock down.

> Friday 5 June 2020
> from 6PM
ACCESS > Zoom Webinar

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