Cyrus Tang

Time Fell Asleep In The Evening Rain

12 March > 5 June 2022
Tuesday to Sunday - 11AM > 4PM

Cyrus Tang will present a series of photographic works and light boxes that explore time and memory in the context of the pandemic and Melbourne's extended lockdown periods.

Drawing on her personal experiences of 2020, she has created hauntingly beautiful composite digital images that seek to depict the slowing down of time, the repetition in our daily lives and the increased space afforded to us during lockdown to observe, think and feel. The layers of imagery are like ghostly veils, or fogs, that converge on a condensed, vibrating detail.

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IMAGE > [Top] Cyrus Tang, Tree Study 1 [detail], 2022, pigment print on cotton rag, 65.5 x 100cm. Edition 5+2AP. Image courtesy of the artist and ARC ONE Gallery.
IMAGE > Cyrus Tang, Almost Home 2, 2022, pigment print on cotton rag, 80 x 80cm. Edition 5+2AP. Image courtesy of the artist and ARC ONE Gallery

IMAGE > Cyrus Tang, Tree Study 2, 2020-21, pigment print on cotton rag, 80 x 80cm.
Edition 5+2AP. Image courtesy of the artist and ARC ONE Gallery

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The exhibition also includes an installation work that separates out the many photographs that make up her images, allowing visitors to see between and through Tang's layers. Each image is made up of at least one hundred overlapping photographs, taken daily during Melbourne's lockdown in 2020.

The exhibition reflects Tang's continued examination of the paradox of reconstructing ephemeral mental images and sensations in permanent materials.

This exhibition is presented as part of PHOTO2022.

"When you loose something, you remember everything ... erasure doesn't have to be negative"
Cyrus Tang, 2022

Cyrus Tang is a Melbourne-based artist working with photography, sculpture and installation. Born in Hong Kong, Tang moved to Australia in 2003. She holds an Honours Degree in Fine Arts from the Victoria College of the Arts and a Master of Fine Arts from Monash University. Tang has undertaken residencies in Finland, South Korea, France and Canada. Her work has been shortlisted for numerous prestigious prizes including the Sovereign Asian Art Prize, Hong Kong (2021) and the William and the Winifred Bowness Photography Prize, Monash Gallery of Art (2020). Tang was awarded the McClelland National Sculpture Prize in 2020.

Be brave

IMAGE > Portrait of Cyrus Tang. Image courtesy of the artist.
IMAGE > [above] Cyrus Tang, Tower [detail], 2021, pigment print on cotton rag,
90 x 90cm. Edition 5+2AP. Image courtesy of the artist and ARC ONE Gallery

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