Innovators 1

9 April 2011 > 8 May 2011

IMAGE > Deborah White, Ghosts of the Near Future Installation view. Photograph > Dean McCartney.

Be bold

The Innovators 1 exhibition presents a mix of media exploring issues of identity and transformation. Reko Rennie’s work, Remember Me, is a visual commentary of the artist's family background and his identity as an urban Aboriginal. Remembering the past and celebrating the survival of indigenous people is an ongoing theme for Rennie. Immersive underwater worlds are bought to life through an animated video installation by Carolyn Lewens, Tim Catlin & Asmund Heimark. The work, Submerge, is multi-disciplinary piece, merging digital technology with analogue photography. Jamie Boys’, Internal Transmutation is an experiment in adaptation, information transference and learned behaviour. This work is a return to primordial origins of animal instinct, intuitive actions and unconscious acts of an inner knowledge. In contrast, the uncertainty of the future is forever haunting with respect to climate change as referenced in Deborah White's, Ghosts of the Near Future. The work is a figurative combination of human and animal to reflect the drowning and dislocation of identity amid the shifting shoreline.

Amelia Johannes, Twofoldness, explores displaced identity within the context of family, tradition, vernacular and memory. Using home videos and family rituals her research-based art practice investigates the uncertainty of cultural heritage and the disquiet of 'twinness'. Finally, Danae Valenza's work Idiolect (instructions for a pop song), deals with inter-subjectivity and communication, breaking down how we form relationships through the dynamics of traditional or ritualistic forms of social interaction.

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