Innovators 1

6 April 2013 > 12 May 2013

IMAGE > Jacobus Capone, The Reparation of the Heart, 2 channel video installation, 30 mins approx. Photograph > Dean Mccartney

Be bold

Innovators 1 presents the work of five artists who explore the human condition. They each comment on the man made versus the organic; past, present and future; concepts of reality and imagination through time-based work. The works provoke emotional responses and question the values and beliefs of the framework in which we live.

Peter Daverington presents a group of works that morph traditional ways of making art with new technologies. Jacobus Capone’s interdisciplinary work, The Reparation of the Heart, deals with how we are placed within the world; present, past and future through a video work of a humanistic and meditative journey. Kiera Brew Kurec’s work Dual, involved live duration performance and video installations that investigate relationships, intimacy, age and the contemporary human condition. Bridget Walker fuses animation and videoed performance to consider the ways in which fictional animation can inform real life. Justine Makdessi’s Annex, is a constructed frame within the gallery that encases a series of pullies, ropes and weights which she used to physically test the boundaries of her strength and resistance.

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