Innovators 2

30 June 2012 > 29 July 2012

IMAGE > Maryanne Coutts, Throng, 180-piece watercolour painting. Photograph > Dean McCartney.

Be bold

Each of these exhibitions, in their own particular way, deals with the meaning of life. Bonnie Lane, Present Memory, is a semi-autobiographical video installation that explores nothingness and boredom, creating a narrative that searches for meaning in mundane objects and ordinary moments. Henriette Schuster and Hermoine Merry have collaborated on ::hh::, an unguarded self portrait that explores the slippages of identity through performance, light structure and sound. Maryanne Couttes’, Throng, re-packages public newspaper imagery into animation of A3 paper and 25 frames a second video, re-igniting the emotional and psychological significances of these images.

Kat Clarke’s, The Chelsea, is a site-related video installation concerned with tensions between public and private perceptions of self and the unarticulated spaces between these selves. Lachlan Petras‘s installation considers empirical data related to human centrifuge testing and particle acceleration. The material and symbolic language of these phenomena are re-configured and repeated in accordance with the volume of the exhibition space. Finally, Christopher Jones work shown on the exterior of Linden reflects words and images from mass media and popular culture being re-cast as overblown actors in a theatre of the absurd in, Happy Birthday Coash Oppewall.

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