Innovators 3

12 November 2011 > 11 December 2011

IMAGE > Noah Grosz, Cathedral at the Crossroads, timber, styrenes, acrylic sheet, light, polymer paint, automotive paint. Photograph > Dean McCartney

Be bold

Throughout the evolution of the human species, we have sought refuge from our natural environment: to create alternative spaces to occupy and inhabit. Innovators 3 presents five individual projects that are linked through their relationship to our environments, both natural and constructed, and our perception and understanding of them. The projects include Noah Crosz’s installation, Cathedral at the Crossroads, suggesting a memorial site or place of worship that exists at a nexus between suggested decisions and outcomes; Lisa Stewart's Caves of Requirement offering a contrasting experience through her referencing of resort culture and David Burrows, The Mirage Project (Bellevile) which offers an examination of escapism through a porthole that transports his sixth floor Paris studio and apartment to a gallery at Linden.

The subject of Mark Friedlander's ma is the interval of space between a photographic image and a constructed object. As translated from Japanese ma signifies 'a slight interval of infinity'. The opposition in Friedlander's large-scale photograph and miniature sculpture provokes awareness of the space, which is heightened through the aid of a partially hidden peephole. The final iteration of a developing work from Rebecca Delange, The Forest, suggests an exploration of natural structures as well as the idea of the forest as a platform to explore a multitude of ideas. Exhibition catalogue essay written by Trent Walters.

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